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  This website has not be updated in some time do to lack of time to go to the shows. I hope you enjoy it I have anyway.

          Welcome to Lone Wolfs WWII Airshow Picture & video Archive.

 Updated on 10/20/2013 Best viewed in 1024x768 

I started  this site to share some pictures and video of some of the air shows I have

 been to. You will also find links to other websites dealing with WWII aircraft and aircraft that are being restored

                Lancaster flyby                                                         Head Lines


4/10/08    A friend of mine sent me this e-mail about a WWII tank that was found under a small lake. A little repair and some service they started the engine up. read the story here. 

12/6/07    Well I uploaded new wall paper for you all to enjoy,  you will find it on page two of the wall paper link on the left hand side of the page.


10/21/07   My wife and I moved in to The Farm and my old

house is sold. Going to miss that old house, I lived in that house

for 41 years. Both my parents passed away in that house. Any way I got some time on my hands now that I fell off a ladder and fractured my elbow. So I put together some more clips from the 2006 airshow. I know it is almost 2008. But I hope  you in joy them anyway.  Here you are.


06/09/07   Well I did not make it to the show this year. I was down on the 48 acre farm my wife and I just

bought 2 weeks ago. And there is a lot of work to do on it. I will be selling my house I'm living in now and there

 is a lot of work to do on it to get it ready to sell. So I will not be doing a hole lot of things on the website for 

some time. But then again I have not been doing a hole lot on the website as of late.To many things going down. As in I just got married. I don't know why! It seemed like a good thing to do at the time  

10/31/06  Check out this movie.  The Memphis Belle: A Story  Of A Flying Fortress. Shot by the war     department in 1944. Check it out Here

10/20/06  I found this link on the message boards at WarBirds 2006.   It is of a BF-109G-4 that has been restored to flying condition. BF-109 video

10/13/06  I uploaded 2 clips from the 2005 WWII Airshow.     One of a PBY landing and the other is of                 2 B-25's making a flyby.  You can get it here.

10/4/06  I up loaded a video of a Blackhawk starting up and lifting off from behind my house. You can get it here.

9/17/06  I uploaded a video of a solo flight of SNJ from this years show. It is 11min and in a WinZip file. It's a 118mb   download. You can get it here.

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