WWII Aircraft Links




Here you will find links to websites that deal with WWII aircraft. From Information to WWII aircraft under restoration.


http://www.white1foundation.org/    Is remarkable project will return a legendary Focke-Wulf FW 190 F-8 to the air. Presently, the aircraft is undergoing complete  restoration to airworthy condition. 


http://www.maam.org/index.html     The Museum's collection includes award-winning warbirds, classic airliners, rare & unusual military and civilian aircraft and historic exhibits. They also hold the WWII Weekend Airshow every year. Were you get to  WWII aircraft flying and watch WWII reenactment groups put on a show.


 http://www.collingsfoundation.org/    The home of the B-17 909 and the B-24 The Dragon and His Tail


http://www.americanaeroservices.com/    Is the website of American Aero Services. They deal  WarBird Restoration
and Maintenance. The B-17 909 was one of her restoration projects.


http://www.warbirdbob.com/index2.htm  He is the real owner of the B-17  909  Well he thinks he is.


http://www.users.bigpond.com/paulmcc/b24/b24.htm   In an old WWII hanger at Werribee, Victoria Australia, the last surviving RAAF Liberator is being restored by The B24 Liberator Memorial Fund Inc. It is also the only B24 in the southern hemisphere, one of only 10 left in the world from over 18,000 that were manufactured, and of 288 in Australian service.



You looking for a NEW Fock Wolf 190 ? Check out this website http://www.flugwerk.de/new/company/company.shtm

This co is making new FW190 A8. You can get it as a kit for only about $600,000.00 US     I have some new pictures of the FW190. pictures


ME262 You heard about this first jet fighter. Well new ME262 are being built here in the g

ood old USA. Go here to learn more.   http://www.stormbirds.com/project/index.html