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9/1/06  I uploaded some pictures of the WWII 2006 Weekend. You can get them here. They are in a WinZip    file. When I get time I will make a slideshow of them. Beware these pictures are 2048x1536 and the file is    60mb. I did not resize them down like the others.

6/24/06   I have put up one new video clip on the video page. It is a video of a WWII flamethrower. As I  get   time I will get more up. I will all so dig out the 2005 show tape and see what  there is I can put up. I was thinking of up loading the DVD files of the 2001 & 2003 airshow that I made from all the tape I shot. Those two shows were the best that I have been to. But the up  load time was in the days. And I'm on cable. So I think I will  convert them to mpg and upload them for you. The size will still be big, about 500mb. But that is still better      then 4.7 GB. And I   will also work on getting some pictures up to. When will I get to this? Not sure, I have           a lot on my plate right now. It will take time to get it all done. If you were at the Reading WWII airshow and would like to post your experience of the show please be free to post them here

6/7/06  Well it rained at the airshow again this year.   This is what the 3ed year that it rained the week of the   air show and about 1/3 of the planes could not show up. This is getting to be a pain in the butt. And on top of     that the girlfriend and I got rained on the way back    home. Yes I took the Gold Wing again. It was a good     show this year. It was a thrill to see the Lancaster  bomber. I really  wanted to see the  Messerschmitt                   Bf-109E "Emil". I got some pictures of the Gunny R. Lee Ermey  of Mail Call.  

2/26/06   I just found this on the web. The Lockheed  C-60A Lodestar "Lady Lodestar" on August 13, 2005,    suffered a hydraulic failure upon landing at the  Hampton Roads Airport in Chesapeake, VA. The aircraft ran  off  the end of the runway and went through a ditch which caused both landing gear to collapse. For more info   and to donate to help get her back into the air go here

  The Mid Atlantic Air Museum air show this year will have R. Lee Ermey of Mail Call as a guest. Also the    only flying British Avro Lancaster bomber flying in    North America. And a rare Daimler-Benz powered Messerschmitt Bf-109E "Emil"- For more info on the   airshow go to their website 

  1/7/2006   Fuddy Duddy has been sold to Martin Aviation. You can find more info here

10/31/2005  I had to post this as soon as I seen it. The    B-17G N9563Z    s/n 83563 Fuddy Duddy is for sale or sponsorship. For more info go here  

  6/5/2005  Well I made it to the airshow this year. There was rain off and on for the most of the week. And it   rained most of Friday. As my girlfriend and I rode down  on the bike it  drizzled most of the way down.  She          was not happy about that. It  was a small show this  year and the # of planes that signed up were small in #'s.   Because of the rain most of them did not show up at the show until Saturday. I went down on Saturday and they tried to put on a show with what they had. As the show  was going on most of the planes started to show up, and   at about 3:00 the pilots and their planes did a scale down version of the show. 

  1/18/2005  A FW 190 is being restored to fly again.  Weisse Eins (White 1), a Focke Wulf FW 190 F8, W Nr 931862, has a rich history and saw action while serving   with JG 5 in Norway. The aircraft was last flown during    the famous  Battle of Fordefjord on February 9, 1945. It came to rest on a snow covered mountain after it's pilot  was forced to  bail out. In September 1983, it was   recovered and    displayed at Flesland airport, for the  Royal Norwegian Air Force Aircraft Museum. Several years after that, the aircraft was sent to the Texas Air    Museum for static restoration. It is now located in Florida.  more

   1/1/05  The B-24 owned by  The Collings Foundation's   got a new paint job late last year. In honor of the 8th     Air Force they have repainted the B-24 the “WITCHCRAFT”, a B-24 assigned to the 467BG, 790BS that compiled an amazing record of 130 combat missions. more   American Aero Services did the new paint job. go        to there web site and see the work and some video clips of the B-24, B-17 and B-25




Air museum fire destroys vintage planes,  artifacts.    10/10/2004  

   An immense fire swept through the Yankee Air  Museum in Van Buren Township late Saturday,   destroying vintage aircraft and aviation artifacts, including the wooden World War II-era hangar that    housed the museum.  

  More news. I forgot about this project. On June 29th of 2004 the White1 flew. The White1 is a reproduction        of  the ME 262. For more info check out there site at http://www.stormbirds.com/project/index.html

The Butcher Bird Flies!!!   For the 1st time in 65 years.      A FW-190 A8N    flies again. The Flug Werk FW 190  WNr. 990001 made its' maiden flight   on July 22nd 2004. For more info  check out there website here  You  can download video clips from their website or mine

Well I did not get to go to the WWII Airshow this year, because of rain, and it is a 8 hour round trip for me.    Well maybe next year.    

Well  The Collings Foundation's   Pratt & Whitney R-1830-65 cylinder that was removed from the   B-24J Liberator “Dragon and His Tail” Sold for  $1375.00,US The  bid started out at $75.00  That is good money for a  cracked  head.

   Ok you plane buffs. How would you like to own a piece  of the B-24 Dragon & His Tail? The Collings Foundation's  is auctioning off a an actual Pratt & Whitney R-1830-65 cylinder that was removed from                  the B-24J Liberator “Dragon and His Tail” while on the road as part of the Nationwide Wings of               Freedom Tour. Check out the auction here  

  We could lose the chance to take a ride in a vintage aircraft!! The Federal Aviation Administration issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) Docket #4521 that would change the  standards and operation of flights classified as “Air Tours” This NPRM would essentially end all flight experiences by historic aircraft       in its current language, including the B-17 & B-24 flights  that the Collings Foundation offers as part of the Wings of Freedom. And any other WWII aircraft. For more  info go  here. http://nationalairtours.org/sight.html

  Well I updated some of the older video clips in the video clips page. Some of them did not look to good, so I redid them and upped the bit rate so the look and play better.  Look for the word Updated  next to  the clip.    Also I added 6 more video clips to the 2001 show listing.  Go here        


Update on the B-17 909. She is being reskined at this time after being in a hail storm last year. Go to American Aero   to see new pictures of her getting ready to be reskined

NEW!!  WALLPAPER  I was adding some new wallpaper

 to my home page and it hit me I could add some  wallpaper  to this site to. So I went through and came up

 with some pictures from some of the air shows  I been to and came up with some  wallpaper.  So go here

  WWII airshow Wallpaper 


  The B-17 909 owned by the Collings Foundation is laid up until Mar. 2004. After being in a hail storm in Texas.  For more info and pictures of the work being done go to American Aero


  Bent Prop blade from Corsair Belly Landing was Auction   off on Ebay. More


    Also I resized all the pictures in my slideshows so they  load faster. It should take about 5-7 sec to 

load each picture.


  All so if you have about $610,000.00 to spend check out the WWII aircraft links. You can by a new      FW190-A8    If you can not buy one then  check out WarBirds III on the left. You can download the 

game free and fly it off line. And if you get good  in the Focke-Wulf 190 then you can try your luck 

online dog fighting P-51's.


I found some new pictures of the NEW Focke-Wulf

 190-A8 that  is being made by Flug Werk. pictures




news about crash



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