Here are some video clips from the Mid Atlantic Air Museum WWII Weekend Airshow. The clips are .mpg.

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WWII Weekend 2001 Video   WWII Weekend 2003


Here are some clips from the 2006 show. I will be adding more as I get time.

flamethrower       Flamethrower-2  I was over 75 years away  and I could still feel the heat from it. 

Diamond Lil A cargo version of the B-24     Here is a video of the Lancaster that was at the show. Sorry about the people getting in the way.

Here is a clip of  Gunny R. Lee Ermey  of Mail Call.  


Here are some clips from the 2005 Show

A PBY landing and two B-25's doing a fly by.    SJNSolo  118mb


Here are some video clips from the Mid Atlantic Air Museum WWII Weekend Airshow of 2003 

I had found my a good spot to shoot from. I was about 40' from one of the main taxi ways and on a corner, right next to 3 port-a-johns. I did not think anyone would get in my way. NOT!!! 2 guys worked there way next to me. I have a little spot about 4' x 3' and they moved in!! SOB's. If you hear banging noise it is the door on the  port-a-johns slamming shut. Ha it is a good spot to get video.

    B-17 Prop wash - These guys need a tie down for those things.     C-47 engine on fire (small fire)

Yak-9   360 roll         Yak-9_2  a 4 point roll     Yak-9_3 Flying inverted  

yak-9_4  {8mb} a slow roll into a hard right turn   Yak-9_5  flyby



  Video Clips from 2001 Mid Atlantic Air Museum WWII Weekend Airshow

Corsair wing fold     A Corsair folding & unfolding her wings. {8.5 mb}     B-17   A b-17 flyby with her bomb bay doors open.   {6 mb}

B-17 clip 2  A B-17 flyby with a wingtip.

 Corsair flyby   Corsair 2  Doing a loop into a 1/2 loop and then into a barrel role  { 12 mb}   Corsair 3  a 360 role

Dauntless flyby         Japanese Dive bomber  

Mustang 1  A P-51 doing a loop. {5 mb}     Mustang 2 A P-51 taxing by the crowd   Mustang 3 Split s into haft loop, back into a 2ed haft loop   {17 mb}  Mustang 4  a 4 point role  Mustang 5   A barrel role

A Japanese torpedo plane flyby         P-47  A Jug flyby     Starting the Jug   {15 mb} It took over 5 min to get this P-47 started. I keep cutting away to video tape the show, And then getting back to it. So I spiced it together to get a clip of it. LOL It reminds me of starting my old 69 Buick

TBF      A TBF wing fold


Other Video

Here is a video of a Black hawk starting up and taking off from behind my house. It is a WinZip file. 68mb.   

Sorry about the sound the turbines caused the sound to brake up. I tried to clean it up. 


Spit Fire video of a low fast pass. ( video has some bad language)   A Huey helicopter taking off behind my house 

The Butcher Bird Flies !!!! A FW190-A8/n Flies again. 

Clip 1 mpg 21mb    Clip 1 for dial up 4.1 mb