Here is some wallpaper I made up from pictures I took with my Olympus 730uz. The pictures are of WWII Aircraft that I have take at air shows. The wallpaper works for screen sizes of 800 x 600, 1024x768,  1152 x 864 or 1280 x 960, with little to no lost of quality. Just have windows set for "pictures display"  " stretch " . If you are using 3ed party software set it to stretch, auto fit or fit to screen.  Just click on the picture  you want and a new page will open. After it is done loading just right mouse click on the picture and then left click on "Save picture as" or "Set as Wallpaper" Some of this wallpaper may take up to one min to load because of the hi resolution. You can also find more wallpaper on my other website You will find wallpaper of cats and landscapes.


                           North American SNJ                    North American SNJ                   The B-17 Memphis Belle                 Douglas C-47                       Douglas  Dauntless  SBD


                                                                               Douglas  Dauntless  SBD          Douglas  Dauntless  SBD                 B-17 Yankee Lady                     B-17 Yankee Lady


                         B-17 Yankee Lady                                 B-25                                              P-47                                                                                                 North American SNJ 


                                 Yak-9                                                   Yak-9                                    B-17 Yankee Lady                     B-17 Yankee Lady                              Spit-9